Vaping Success Stories

You’ll probably agree that the life of a smoker is different to that of a non-smoker in a number of ways. Anyone who used to smoke will tell you that cigarette addicts feel different – less healthy, more easily out of breath and often even more tired due to sleep problems. Smokers have less money in their pocket than non-smokers, are often plagued by the smell of smoke, and are conflicted and troubled by their addiction. And that’s before we even get into the long, long list of smoke-related illnesses.

Vaping Success Stories

So if smoking changes your life for the worse, surely quitting smoking can change your life for the better?

A number of people have come forward to say that vaping has done just that. These are not paid testimonials, but genuine fans of the product that are using the forums of message boards, online articles and even international newspaper columns to share the virtues of vaping.

One of the most passionate defences of vaping comes from Stephanie Rafanelli in The Guardian. Having smoked her first cigarette at the terrifying age of 10, she was an addict for decades before completely converting to vaping.

“Anecdotally, vaping is particularly effective in preventing ‘slide back’,” she says, “Lifelong smokers need not be faced with the depressing thought that they will never puff again. In my own personal focus group, I have converted many other last-chance-salooners, those undeterred by heinous prices, grisly images and unsubtle death threats emblazoned daily on their fag packets. My greatest triumph is an 80-year-old Italian with a chronic [smoking] habit stretching back to the Second World War.”

E-cigarettes Changing Lives

Another opinion column sang from the same hymn sheet, but this time it was from a different journalist in the same respected newspaper (arguably the most reputable in the world). Former smoker turned vaper Nick Green raved: “I believe that vaping can and will change the world for smokers; it’s a revolution in tobacco harm reduction. More than any other product currently available, I believe that vaping has the ability to really help these people. Non-smokers may never understand how truly difficult it is to stop using cigarettes. I think that if they did, then no one would stand between smokers and their ability to purchase and use electronic cigarettes.”

A quick search for “e-smoking changed my life” brings hundreds of results, including passionate pro-vaping message board testimonies from former smokers in every walk of life.

Reddit has numerous threads specifically outlining how vaping was life changing. “Like many of you, vaping has radically transformed my life. Today is my three year anniversary since I made the decision to put down cigarettes and pick up my 1st e-cig,” says one Reddit commenter.

“I love the changes vaping has brought about in my life. My wife converted, I’ve converted my daughter away from cigarettes,” says another in reply.

E-Cigarettes Saving Lives

Andrew Richardson at the wellbeing site says that vaping didn’t just change his life – it saved it. After describing a near-death experience from smoke-related causes, he says: “I purchased disposable electronic cigarette. Only in the first few puffs I quite liked it. The most important things is it’s been now three years, not for the once I have craved for tobacco cigarette.

“Surprising, I found another interesting thing it wasn’t any more coughing in the morning. Again, I recovered taste sense. By the time I found capacity of the lungs has increased and improved.”

“So, YES definitely yes, to electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarette has not only changed my life but also save my life.”

Smoking is a terrible burden, financially, health-wise and psychologically. If you’ve tried to quit but have been drawn back to cigarettes, why not give vaping a go? You’ll have nothing to lose, and so, so much to gain.

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