VIP E-Cigarettes: Christmas Gift Guide

It’s never too early to think about Christmas gifts, though we all know that it can sometimes be too late!

There are countless reasons to opt for VIP products for your loved ones; maybe you’d like to encourage them to ditch cigarettes in the new year; maybe you’d like them to save some money; they might be an existing vaper who’d like to switch flavours; maybe they’d like a little bling or gadget for their vaping; or maybe they need some new supplies (and don’t want to go looking for an open shop on Christmas day!).

Depending on how much you want to spend, you can either get a small accessory, a stocking filler, or a big batch of new supplies.

And there’s such a huge variety of Starter Kits, Pro Kits, Flavours and Accessories that it can be daunting. Our Christmas gift guide is divided into easy to follow categories to help you decide…

Christmas Gift Guide For the Newly Converted

A Starter Pack is the bestselling pack, and is designed specifically for newcomers. It contains 80 e-cigarettes’ worth of refills, rechargeable battery and USB charger and the easy-to-follow instructions. If you’d like to splash out just a little more, the Photon Express Kit is a high-end, luxury experience.

For Fans of Bling

The e-cigarette Hard Case is practical and offers old-school sophistication, without the old-school cigarettes. It will protect your batteries from dirt, fluff and the elements and works as a cool accessory for men or women. As a jewellery style accessory, the Diamolite mini Photon tank battery is coated in faux-diamonds and is ideal for special occasions.

For the Sweet Tooth

When buying a gift for someone new to vaping, it’s a nice idea to match their tastes to the product, so if you don’t know what type of flavours they prefer in everyday life, try to find out. After all, vaping flavours include blueberry, menthol, cappuccino flavours and many more. And if they’re already enjoying VIP products, it might be nice to offer them an alternative flavour so they can switch around as the mood takes them.


For the Old-School Smoker

For many vaping newcomers, swapping smoke for sweet-smelling is an adjustment: So we have flavours that smell like American tobacco or old-school British cigarettes for those who’d like the flavour of the old smokes, without the health and financial drawbacks.

Stocking Fillers

There are plenty of handy little accessories to make vaping life even more convenient. A cool new colour battery is an inexpensive little add-on to the Christmas present haul. At merely €12, you can give them a new battery that’s in futuristic black with green light, white with blue, or white with orange. Or you could give them something practical like a charger for their car or a UK adapter.

As you can see, there’s just about any gift you can hope for if you want your loved ones to start, or continue vaping. A life without smoking is the greatest gift you can give your loved ones…

What’s on your Christmas wish list? Let us know in the comments below or join in on the conversation on Facebook.

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