VIP E-Cigarettes Features on TV3's Midweek Show

Last night, January 8th, TV3’s Midweek show did a feature on electronic cigarettes. Here at VIP E-Cigarettes, we were delighted to play a part in the programme.

Here are some points from the feature:

Just over 1 in 5 people in Ireland are smokers. Most started when they were young. Every year 5000 people die in this country from smoking-related illnesses. That is about 100 people every week.  For a lot of smokers, the New Year is seen as the ideal time to kick the habit.

This week a number of hospitals around the country including St Luke’s Hospital in Rathgar banned smoking on their campuses. All HSE campuses have until next year to do likewise.

According to Alex White TD, “I think there is a terrific initiative here. St Luke’s Hospital has established a smoke-free campus, the first one well ahead of the schedule in terms of the plan to implement this kind of initiative nationwide. They are two years ahead. I think it’s a terrific initiative. I think it’s probably time as well. This is the time of year when people think about their bad habits and so on. I think it’s no harm that it’s done at the beginning of January, the start of a new year but I think it’s a good public initiative”.

The number of smokers in Ireland is falling all the time. [The electronic cigarette] is the latest device they are using to kick the habit.

Later on in the piece, Dr Ross Morgan from Beaumont Hospital has the following to say: “I think electronic cigarettes as a principal to certainly for harm reduction and to get people to quit tobacco altogether are a tremendous opportunity for us.” 

Susan O’Reilly, Director of the National Cancer Control Programme had the following views:

“Let me first qualify this by saying that I am not an expert on these e-cigarettes that are now available. I assume they just have nicotine and some additional sort of steam-like  effect which gives you both the satisfaction of sucking on a cigarette-like substance and a replacement of the nicotine therapy. I do not personally know if there are any other chemicals in them. But let’s assume there aren’t, in which case I would be in favour of them being a readily available option for smoking cessation, in which case I would be in favour of them being purchased over the counter by members of the public who which to quit smoking rather than having to go through an elaborate and costly visit to your doctor every time you need a new prescription. So my view is that although I cannot quote you data as to whether they are effective at reducing smoking  and I only can judge them as nicotine replacement therapy, I think anything that’s available to the public that is readily available that doesn’t expose them to excessive cost and supports them in quitting smoking, when after all smoking damages 100% of smokers and causes death in half of them, a quarter of whom its a premature death, I would only think it has to be worth a try.”

The piece concluded with an interview with Catherine Leydon, who quit smoking a year and a half ago, and uses e-cigarettes to maintain her cessation. She believes she has saved to the tune of €10000 per year.

You can view the full feature on the TV3 website.

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