VIP Survey Results

We would like to thank all of you who completed our survey recently. The answers we received really help us to make things better for you, our loyal customers. We got some amazing results in the survey and we really wanted to share these with you.

Customer perception of harm of E-cigarettes.

86% of you were correct in saying that Vaping is less harmful than smoking. Public Health England has shown us that Vaping is in fact 95% less harmful than smoking. So, you can all rest assured that Vaping is less harmful and by switching to vaping you have made a great choice for your health.

What made you try Vaping?

74% of you said it was for health reasons and 18% said it was to save money. These are two very good reasons and obviously health is number 1 and as stated above, Vaping is a better choice than smoking. Vaping when compared to smoking, does cost a lot less and over time vapers should see the benefit of this when compared to paying over 13 euro for a pack of cigarettes.

92% of all VIP customers rated their experience with us as being good/excellent

This is so great to hear and we hope we continue to provide you with the service and products you expect.

How long have you stopped smoking?

This is where we see the real difference vaping has made to your life and 55% have stopped smoking for over a year. 26% of you have now stopped smoking and vaping completely, this is a huge number and shows us all that there is a goal we can all reach.

Would you recommend VIP?

Over 78% said they would recommend VIP to a friend and over 82% said they would continue to use VIP products

Since you quit smoking your health has –

55% say it has improved and 27% say it has improved dramatically. This is huge and we are so happy to hear that. Well done to you all.

Overall, the feedback from you all was hugely positive from a personal point of view and the choice you made and also from our point of view to show we are doing things really well in your eyes.

If you are a smoker then vaping should be considered as an option to help you QUIT and if you are a vaper then the best choice you can make is to buy from a company that has the highest standards in this sector.

Thank you for your continued custom and we are here to help you all anytime you need, just get in touch in our stores or through our website.


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