What's in my E-Liquid?

Contained within VIP E-liquids are just simple ingredients. Many people are unaware of this and have read articles which might suggest that e-liquid ingredients are unsafe or contain unknown chemicals. With VIP Electronic Cigarette Ireland, you can always be certain of the ingredients contained within our e-liquids as they are safety and quality tested under UK regulations giving you some peace of mind in knowing that every vape is not only flavorous, but safe too. Here we shall give an in depth description of each ingredient within our e-liquid, giving you the knowledge you need to feel safe whilst enjoying your vaping experience.

Propylene Glycol

Propylene Glycol is a clear and odourless liquid with a very faint sweetness to it. Many people tend to think that this is one of the key ingredients used in anti-freeze. This is not the case and is being confused with Ethylene Glycol. Due to its similarities, Propylene Glycol can be used in cases where Ethylene Glycol is unable to be obtained. However, they are two very different chemicals as Ethylene Glycol is moderately toxic to humans and animals whereas Propylene Glycol is not.

Propylene Glycol is not only an ingredient contained within e-liquid, it is also contained within many every day products including coffee-based drinks, ice cream, soda, body cream, antiseptics, vitamins, shampoo… The list really does go on. Not only do you use, eat or drink many products in which Propylene Glycol can be found but it has also been ‘generally recognised as safe’ by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

An e liquid which is predominantly made up of Propylene Glycol is thinner and therefore will not be as likely to get a build-up of residue which could affect your vaping experience. It will absorb quicker and is able to be used at a higher temperature, which is a plus when using high voltage/high wattage batteries. Propylene Glycol also gives an intensified flavour with a better throat hit. It gives a smaller vape cloud than VG based liquids and so is great for those who want their vaping experience to be intense, yet discreet.

Vegetable Glycerine

Vegetable Glycerine (sometimes known as Glycerol) is another clear and odourless liquid which is naturally produced from plant oils. Vegetable Glycerine has a number of valuable qualities and is used in many products such as cosmetics, foods and pharmaceutical products. It has a sweet taste to it and so is mostly used within low carbohydrate foods to add sweetness and moisture without contributing to tooth decay like sugar does.

Vegetable Glycerine is not only used as a sweetener; it is used within burn remedies as it hydrates the skin. It is also used within many products like soaps and creams which have been specifically designed for those who suffer with sensitive skin due to the moisture it can provide. Along with PG, it has been FDA approved and therefore is safe to use.

An e liquid which is predominantly made up of Vegetable Glycerine is thicker and so may take a little longer to absorb within the wick/coil. Those who use largely based VG liquids usually do so as they enjoy producing huge plumes of vapour. These people are widely known as ‘cloud chasers’ and will enjoy competing to see who can produce the biggest clouds and maybe even do tricks with their vapour clouds. Some of the benefits of using VG based e-liquids are the added moisture it brings to the vape, aiding you in vaping dehydration which some PG based users may get. It also softens and sweetens, reducing the hit and intensity of the vape which some vapers love whilst others may feel dilutes the flavour of their liquid. One of the negatives of VG based liquids could be the build-up you may get inside the clearomizer on the coil, causing what is known as ‘caramelization’. If left uncleaned, it can cause the colour of your e-liquid to change and also affect your vaping experience as it may alter the flavour resulting in a slightly bitter taste to your vape. Therefore, you must always ensure to clean products correctly and efficiently.

Food Standard Flavourings

Food standard flavourings are hard to identify as a whole because there are different flavours for different e-liquids. For example, a banana flavoured e-liquid may contain the flavouring isoamyl acetate whereas an orange flavoured e-liquid may contain the flavouring limonene.

What can be identified, is that the food standard flavourings within e-liquids can be either natural flavouring substances or artificial flavouring substances (some e-liquids may contain both). Natural flavouring substances are obtained from plant or animal raw material. Artificial flavouring substances are flavourings which have been manipulated.

These flavourings are generally known to be safe to consume and no matter which of our e-liquids you choose, you can be sure that they are also safe to vape. VIP ensures that our e-liquids are all tested by UKAS accredited laboratories to actively screen for any harmful compounds. This gives you the reassurance needed when vaping as you can be certain that, when vaping VIP, you are vaping safe.


What should be noted here is that the fourth ingredient, nicotine, is entirely optional. VIP provides nicotine-free options allowing the vaper to make the informed choice as to whether they would like nicotine within their vape. This is because vaping is not just for those who smoke or have previously smoked, but also those who vape purely out of enjoyment. Those who smoke out of enjoyment do not seek the nicotine hit that others may crave.

Nicotine is found naturally within the tobacco plant along with some everyday foods such as potatoes and tomatoes. Nicotine is generally found as a stimulant, however use over a long period of time can cause suppression of the chemicals making you feel happy. Larger quantities of nicotine are therefore needed to reach the required state of happiness. This is the reason that some smokers may find themselves needing a cigarette more when they are stressed or feeling low.

At VIP, we provide a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes whilst still supplying our customers with the option of nicotine in case they need to satisfy that craving. As a responsible electronic cigarette company, VIP clearly states our e-liquid strengths on the website, packaging and bottles. We will forever encourage our customers who vape using high nicotine strength e-liquids, to slowly wean themselves down over time if they feel that they can do so. Along with this, we will always advise non-smokers who want to vape to choose a completely nicotine-free liquid as we would never encourage our customers to vape an ingredient which they do not need.

Now that you are fully aware of the ingredients contained within our e-liquids, you can be sure that you are making a safe and educated choice when you choose to vape with VIP.

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