What you need to know about e-cigarettes

We’ve talked before about the negligible, and possible non-existent health effects of passive vaping (and the studies that looked into it). But what’s it like to sit beside someone vaping? Does the smell linger? And most importantly, how does it smell? Read on to find out what you need to know about e-cigarettes.

Vapour vs Smoke

Firstly, let’s compare vapour to smoke.

 Anyone who’s boiled a kettle will know that vapour has no natural smell. Whatever you smell has been added artificially – this is true regardless of what liquid is evaporating, whether it’s beef stock or it’s VIP Blueberry flavour. (You’ll be relieved to know that beef stock is not among the dozen available VIP flavours!)

While cigarettes can’t avoid smelling like smoke (along with the cigarette’s additional hundreds, if not thousands of ingredients); an e-cigarette will smell only faintly of its intended flavour, if at all.

What smell lingers longer?

Now for a more scientific question: What lingers longer, vapour or smoke?

Vapour is a substance that can also either be in a liquid or solid state. Water is an everyday example, as its state can also be solid (ice) or vapour. This is why a vapour taste is much more flexible than a cigarette taste, and why vapour doesn’t stay in the air like smoke does – vapour is not a gas, so instead of lingering in the air, it simply converts to another state (usually a tiny trace of water).

Smoke is a combination of gases, vapour and tiny particles as a result of combustion. Smoke becomes part of the air it inhabits, regardless of where that air is – in front of your eyes, in your lungs.

It’s a compound of gas, solid and vapours. This explains why the smell of smoke lingers longer than vapour: Indeed, a Google search for “cigarette smell” yields nearly one and a half million results, mostly relating to problems with removing the smell.

 VIP E-liquid Flavours

So now that we know that vaping doesn’t smell like cigarettes (unless you want it to), what does it smell like? There’ll be a little vapour in the air for a moment and it will only smell faintly of its intended flavour.

Interested in trying out some new flavours? Here’s a current list of VIP’s popular flavours…


A sweet, natural scent and taste.

British Gold

Some say this is similar to the taste of a well-known British cigarette brand: Whether you want your vaping to imitate a familiar cigarette taste is entirely up to you.


For those with a sweet taste but don’t like the dentist, Blueberry is ideal.


Tobacco has long been associated with coffee, but now you can satisfy the craving while creating only the smell of high-end coffee.


Very sweet and tangy – not for all tastes, but its fans are legion.

Mad Cow

To some noses and pallets, this will be reminiscent of a certain energy drink with a bovine name. It’s a flavour hit that’s perfect for a pick-me-up.

Triple Menthol

This is another popular flavour for recovering smokers; similar to menthol cigarettes, only this time it’s milder and not tainted with burning chemicals.


You don’t have to wait for summer or Wimbeldon to get the taste of this flavour.

USA Tobacco

American and UK tobaccos have a distinctive smell, and for those weaning themselves off American smokes, this is perfect.


Refreshing, sweet and subtle.

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