Why you need to quit smoking


Reality is filled to the brim with harsh truths. We’ll never be astronauts, and we’re quite sure the likelihood of having our names plastered on the Walk of Fame is diminishing by the day. These are facts we just have to accept. Another harsh truth is that people who don’t smoke are simply more vibrant, healthier and leave better impressions. With a bit of dedication and persistence, you too can tag yourself as a non-smoker, and enjoy such health and vibrancy. Below we’ve chalked up a list of areas in which non-smokers trump their raspy-voiced rivals, areas which you can expect to champion once you kick the old habit.

Better Breeders 

We’re going to speak quite frankly: smoking makes you worse in bed. This is due to the fact that it inflicts some quite drastic damage to your blood flow and circulation. For guys this means that your erections are going to be a bit weaker and further between. For women, an enfeebled circulatory system is going to make your orgasms harder to come by and a bit less of an event.

The tides are also turning in regards to the ‘sexy’ aesthetic of smoking. While guys who smoke are still just about alright for the meantime, we’re sorry to be the ones to tell you that recent studies have found that 57% of guys find women less attractive if they’re smokers.

When it comes to baby-making, quitting smoking also greatly improves fertility in both men and women. Non-smoking women see an improvement in the quality of lining of the womb which makes men’s sperm more effective at doing what they do best. Smoking also increases the chances of early miscarriage.

Better Breathers

This one is a bit more latent and you won’t notice it until it becomes a serious issue in later life. Smoking is detrimental to your lung capacity. If you decide to quit smoking tomorrow, you could enjoy a 10% increase in lung capacity after just 9 months.

More Vibrant

Decreased lung capacity in addition to a poorer circulatory system and a weaker immune system, means that non-smokers are more energetic, healthier and live longer. In fact 50% of all long-term smokers die from smoking related diseases. This is in part due to the fact that more oxygen equates to more energy, but also that non-smokers are more likely to exercise than smokers.

Take the Plunge to a Better You

An often overlooked method of kicking the habit is to adopt healthier lifestyle goals which are impeded by smoking. Think about it this way; regardless of your fitness level, set yourself a goal like running 5k in 3 months or finishing the Connemarathon on the 6th of April and set about training. The physical routine involved in training for a goal like this is both incredibly rewarding and reinforcing in the motivation that’s required to kick the habit. If you’re wholly dedicated to hitting this goal and cigarettes are holding you back, it can be an extremely powerful force for saying “no” when it comes to the crunch.

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