You are not alone:The Vaping Community


Do you get funny looks when you go outside to vape? Are you sick of answering annoying questions from curious onlookers? What’s the best way to ask your boss if you can vape at your desk? If you are new to vaping, or even if you are a seasoned vaper, you will have questions about vaping that only other vapers are able to answer.

Fear not. The vaping community in Ireland is growing and has been growing steadily since e-cigarettes came on the Irish market. Thousands of people in Ireland are switching to vaping for a healthier, wealthier life. And luckily they are sharing their stories and their knowledge about vaping and e-cigarettes online.

Vaping: The Irish Community

A good place to start the conversation is by joining the Facebook group Vaping Ireland. This group advertises itself as: “A place for vapers and prospects to hang out, buy, sell or trade their vaping related stuff and vendors to let us know what’s new.” They encourage you to ask lots of questions—so don’t feel silly—and they have a link to a great YouTube video on vaping for beginners. They are a very active group with a real passion for all things vape-related.

Vapefest is an annual festival for vapers in Ireland. The first Irish Vapefest was held in 2012 and a crowd of over 250 people showed up to a hotel outside Portlaoise. By 2013, the size of the crowd had doubled to 500 with over twenty vendors displaying, making it the biggest vaping event ever held in Ireland. Their aim is to “educate, have some fun, meet people and most importantly to save lives”. Vapefest 2014 promises to be a 2-day event with international guest speakers. For more information you can check out Vapefest on Facebook.

If forums are your thing, you should check out the forum on Vaping & E-Smoking which is specifically about the Irish vaping experience. There are recommendations, tips, questions and answers about vaping along with lots of useful information and links to other vaping sites like VapeTV.

Vaping: The International Community 

Internationally, the E-Cigarette forum (ECF) is the world’s largest online forum for vapers. Prospective vapers will find lots of information and discussion here along with honest reviews about e-liquids and e-cigarettes. They also have up-to-the-minute news updates on the legislation around vaping and interesting articles about vaping from all around the world.

The World Vaping Organisation (WVO) campaigns on behalf of vapers and vendors, and aims to be the “muscle” of the worldwide vaping community. They aim to unite the vaping community and defend vaping against “dubious politicians, rogue scientists, controlled media, bias public organisations, and anybody else who hides behind them.” The organisation also has a forum and you can check them out on Facebook for the latest news updates on their campaign. Last year World Vaping Day was celebrated on September 19th and a host of countries took part including Ireland.

If you have any questions about e-cigarettes or vaping, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01-4750000 or you can read the basics about e-cigarettes here.

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