Innokin: Zenith Coil (5 Pack)
The Innokin Zenith Replacement Coils are to be used with the Zenith Tank.
Innokin: Jem Coil (5 pack)
Innokin JEM 1.6 Ohm Coil for Innokin JEM atomizer tank.
Innokin: Podin Coil (5 pack) - 1.3ohm
Pack of 5 genuine replacement Innokin Podin coils 1.3Ω Ohm. Compatible with the Podin Mini Pod Kit and Podin pods. Wattage range 8-9W. Suitable for MTL mouth-to-lung vaping. The box comes with an Innokin scratch sticker so you can check...
Innokin: iSub BVC Clapton Coil (5 Pack) - 0.5ohm
From Innokin are some brand new 0.5 ohm Clapton BVC coils which are compatible with your iSub, iSub G and iSub Apex vape tanks. High quality coils that provide great flavour and vapour.
Innokin: AXIOM M21 Tank Coil (4 Pack) 0.5ohm
Constructed from kanthal wire and organic cotton, these replacement Innokin Axiom M21 Replacement Coils deliver high quality without any rebuilding! Producing huge flavour and huge, fluffy clouds in your Innokin Axiom M21 Tank, these Axiom M21 Coils are outstanding coils...
Innokin: iSub Kal/Kanthal BVC Coil (5 Pack) - 2.0ohm
Compatible with the iSub series tanks. The latest release iSub coil now with a Kanthal wire and BVC Bottom Vertical Coil design.
Innokin: Endura M18 Coil (5 Pack) - 1.6ohm
Innokin have sat comfortably as one of the top vaping brand for many years now, never failing to impress us with their incredible devices that keep up with the times and continue to revolutionise the industry. With their latest release, the Innokin...
Innokin: iSub PLEX3D Coil (5 Pack) - 0.35ohm
The Innokin iSub-B Mesh Replacement Coils utilize Innokin’s new Plex3D Mesh, performing better than traditional mesh, providing more flavorful vapor. These Coils are compatible with the Innokin iSub-B Sub-Ohm Tank. The Plex3D Replacement Mesh Coils deliver better flavor and more...
Innokin: Riptide Coil (4 Pack) - 0.25ohm
Innokin Crios Replacement Coils are designed for use in the Innokin Crios Tank, Innokin’s X2 BVC Crios Coils are sub-ohm Kanthal coils best used with mid-power mods. They have a wider airflow than most coils so they give you incredible...
Innokin: SS BVC Coil (5 Pack) - 0.5ohm
iSub Stainless Steel BVC Coil from Innokin is a 100% Organic Cotton and 316L Stainless Steel wire that has a 0.5ohm resistance recommended to 190-245°C temperature at a range of 30-60 Watts. Works great in both Temperature control and non-Temperature...
Innokin: AXIOM M21 Tank Coil (4 Pack) - 0.65ohm
A subtle, compact sub-ohm tank included in the Innokin Kroma-A kit, Innokin’s Axiom M21 Tank delivers huge clouds and intense flavour, and is designed for use at 20-65W power.
Innokin: Endura T20 Coil (5 Pack) 1.5ohm
The Innokin Endura T20 Coils 1.5 ohm (5 Pack) is a pack of five replacement coils for the T20 Prism tank. These replacement coils have the resistance of 1.5 ohm and are made of Japanese organic cotton. Thanks to the...
Innokin: Endura T18 Coil (5 Pack) 1.5ohm
The Innokin Endura T18 Coils 1.5 Ohm (5 Pack) is a pack of five replacement coils for the Prism tank used in the Endura T18 AND T22 Vaping Kit. Just like the ones that come with the iSub Tanks, these...
Innokin: Sceptre Coil (5 Pack)
About Innokin Sceptre coils Innokin Sceptre Coils are used with the Innokin Sceptre device. Two variants are available which affect the depth, airflow and flavour of your draw. Sceptre 1.2ohm coils are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping. They offer a tighter...
from €12.00
Innokin: Ajax coil (5 pack)
The Innokin Ajax coils represent the next step in Plex3D technology. Using Matrix mesh heating strips, the Ajax coils reproduce the best flavour and vapour from your e-liquid, and are suitable for high wattage use. The large wicking holes allow higher VG...
Innokin: Scion II Coil (3 Pack)
These high-power Scion Replacement Coil Heads are designed to draw exquisite flavour and cloud volume from Innokin’s punchy Scion tank. To handle high-wattage vaping, Scion replacement coil heads have an enlarged Stainless Steel barrel.
from €12.00
Innokin: PocketMod Coil (5 Pack)
The Innokin Slipstream System Replacement Coil Family pairs with the great tasting Pocketmod All-in-One Ultra Portable System. The Slipstream System atomizer coils are made specifically for vapers who seek mouth-to-lung or direct lung hits.
Innokin: Prism S Coil (5 Pack)
The Innokin Prism S Replacement Coil Family pairs with the great tasting mouth-to-lung Prism T20S Tank. The Prism S atomizer coils are made specifically for vapers who seek mouth-to-lung hits. The Prism T20 is available 0.8 ohm or 1.5 ohm,...
Innokin: I.O Pods (Pack of 3)
The Innokin IO Replacement Pods, 3PCS per pack, can hold 0.8ml e-juice. the Pods with bottom e-liquid refill design, pull out the silicone stopper to reveal the filling port, easy to inject your favorite juice, the silicone stopper to prevent...
Innokin: Endura T18E Coil (5 Pack)
Innokin Endura T18E Coils come as a pack of 5 replacement coils. These coils are 1.5 Ohm resistance and they are created with Japanese organic cotton. These coils are designed to fit the Innokin Endura T18E tank (not the T18)....
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