E Cigarette E Liquids are designed to be used within clearomizers for tank kits and available in a wide range of great flavours, the e liquids we offer here at VIP E Cigarette are a great tasting alternative to smoking.  All our e liquid is manufactured in the UK and tested regularly by independent bodies.

VIP’s e liquid products are precisely formulated using only the highest quality ingredients and flavourings, exclusively blended for the VIP brand – all of which are tested to certify purity and consistency. Very few companies have the capability to produce the same 'exclusive' blends that we offer.

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  • Brand: Cirro
  • Brand: DRS
DRS PURPLE 100ml eliquid
For those who enjoy the unadulterated flavour of menthol, this e-liquid from Cirro is a real winner.
This luxury Cirro Regular Tobacco E-Liquid gives an authentic, great tasting flavour.
An explosion of sweet, fine flavour is what you can expect when you vape Cherry Blast from Cirro.
Enjoy the fruity taste of strawberry vapour.
When Ice Mint & Cool Menthol love each other very much.

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