How to replace your electronic cigarette coil

  • To replace the coil head you will need to unscrew the bottom metal part of the clearomizer.
  • However, if there is e-liquid inside the clearomizer already, before unscrewing the metal base, turn the clearomiser so that the mouth piece is facing the floor, leave it in this position for about 5 minutes to drain the excess liquid from the bottom metallic part.
  • Leave the plastic part of the clearomizer in this position to prevent the liquid from spilling.
  • Wipe off any excess E-liquid from the metal base and unscrew the metal cylinder tube from the metal base. Remove Plastic Casing from a new coil, screw it back on into the exactly the same place in clockwise direction until you can’t turn it any further easily.
  • Ensure not to tighten it too tight as it will be difficult to separate.

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