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Not Sure if you are ready to make the switch to the Ireland's leading electronic cigarette brand? Read VIP ECig reviews from real customers.

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E Cigarette Reviews

Very easy with VIP
D Gordon-Smith

"I haven't had a real cigarette since September - and it's been very easy with VIP"

I would recommend VIP anyday...
N Sale

"I was smoking approx 25-30 a day for 35 years before i switched to VIP. I made the switch from the moment i had my VIP E Cig and feel so muuch better for it."

I smoked for 57 yrs and quit last feb using vip electonic cigs
P Wright

"i am 73yrs old and smoked from the age of 15 yrs it was an acceptable thing to do when i was growing up you could smoke anyware even in hospital ect."

3 months smoke free
S Hood

"30 odd years for me. 3 months smoke free and can't stand the smell! Thanks VIP!"

47 years smoking
D Pointon

"Now 13 months free with the help of VIP."

It's been the best and most effective way to give up the cigarettes
S Sharp

"Smoked for 35 years or more and started my VIPs last July, I also hate the smell of smoke now and am much fitter and healthier too ."

Thank you so much VIP now I have a smoke free home
A Cavanagh

"Smoked 20 a day. Found these last march & never looked back. After i smoking for almost 35 yrs. Could never go back to cigarettes."

I have been smoke free for 8 months
G Dulley

"I have used a VIP and I am pleased with the results. I used to smoke 20 Miniture Cigars a day and the money I have saved is amazing. I smoked for about 30 years. What I love is that I can puff on it at work and knowone minds."

Will recommend VIP to anyone
N de la Mar

"10-20 a day for nearly 20 years, changed to VIP in June 2012 only had 2 fags since didn't enjoy them wont go back!!! Will recommend VIP to anyone really good value, great service Thankyou"

Smoke free at last
P Boulton

"27yrs a smoker. VIP vaper for 10 months, thank you for setting me smoke free at least"

7 months on VIP
C Van Der Westhuizen

"7 months on VIP, never looked back!! I used to smoke approximately 25 a day for 30 years. Very proud of myself. "

Best product range and best value for money
M Atkinson

"After 40 + years of smoking up to 20 per day, I bought vip and have been a smoke free zone for over 7 months. I tried a couple of other brands before discovering vip."

Not had a "real" cigarette since
K Horsfield

"Smoked for 26yrs, 20 a day, used VIP for a year and not had a "real" cigarette since......only use the cherry flavour cartomisers now"

Had my VIP cig for almost 2 years
A McMillan

"I smoked 15-20 a day for 10 years. Had my VIP cig for almost 2 years now and never looked back."

I'm so glad VIP was recommended to me!
E Fitzgerald

"I smoked about 10 a day for around 17 years, before VIP I had tried all sorts of methods for giving up, gum, patches, ziban etc the truth was I felt i couldn't give up because I enjoyed the whole smoking experience, I started VIP & stopped smoking fags straight away it has been nearly a year now & I'm so glad VIP was recommended to me! I feel so much healthier & cleaner"

1 year anniversary of not smoking
J O'Dwyer

"I've just done my 1 year anniversary of not smoking using the VIP!!!! I smoked for 20 years"

13 month vaping
G Hazell

"Was a smoker for 42 years 40 a day... with VIP I will never go back."

VIP brand really works
A Culshaw

"Stopped smoking in Stoptober been on the vaper for nearly 4 months. I have previously been hypnotise, used champax nicoret patches ect and nothing worked for me. But the VIP brand really works I even recommend it to family and friends and most of them have quit with VIP now"

Glad I found VIP
L Argent

"I smoked 20/30 fags a day for 34 years and haven't had one now for 6 months sooo glad I found VIP I couldn't have done it otherwise"

Saved myself over £1000
D Cairney

"smoked nearly 20 years, 20+ a day and i have been smoke free for 179 days and saved myself over £1000 i cant safely say i'll never go back"

Not smoked since
C Robbins

"Used to to buy 40 a day my cousin got me on this vip 6 months ago, have not smoked since. cannot stand the smell of cigs now makes me feel sick"

Recommended VIP
R Romaine

"i have recommended VIP's to a few people and they have gone on to them and thrown the real cigs also feels great to stick it to the government too and not pay all that tax lol"

Brilliant VIP!
J Packer

"Been with VIP for just over 2months. Smoked for 29 yrs, smoked bout 15 a day. Using 1 refill every 2 days. Not had 1 fag and don't want one either."

Love my vip
A Cody

"Been using it for 4 months. Used to smoke 20 cigs a day for 30 years. Would never have given them up without my vip electronic cig."

Never touched a ciggie since
S Jeacock

"Smoked for 30 years have been VIPing for nearly 9 months much better never touched a ciggie since then cant stand the smell ugh"

Was smoking 30 a day
R Lindsay

"Been with VIP for 16 month. was smoking 30 a day for 32 years. not had a fag in 16 month."

Proud to be a Vaper
J Robinson

"11 weeks now, smoked 30/day for approx 25 years."

I started on VIP 16 months ago
J Whitaker

"I smoked for too many years to remember, but I started on VIP 16 months ago and havent had a real cigarette since, nor do I want one."

Thank you VIP for your excellent service and product
M Pope

"My husband and myself have not touched a cigarette since we started using the ecigs,It has been a year for me and 4 months for my husband.I have lost my chesty cough and feel so much better.I have just received my latest order which arrived on time as usual."

We will have saved about £4700
D Stow

"My husband and i have now been stopped smoking since 10th oct (approx 11 weeks) and been on VIP cartomizers swithching to the tank after a couple of wks, we would have spent £1050 on ciggys and tobacco to date as oppose to £325 on the products saving us around £725!! Now we have settled into a routine with our tanks and liquid etc, spending around £30 per month, by my calculations in a years we will have saved about £4700!!!!! taking into account for a few new batteries etc. We are going to book a carribean cruise for next year !! Here,s thanking VIP for our happy healthy sailing !!! Cheers xx"

VIP is the best
B Cooper

"Thank you VIP people for your 2nd to none service. For anyone thinking of trying electronic 'smoking' VIP is the best. I tried others and didn't like them, but VIP is really good! Try the new tank system, it truly knocks analogue cigarettes!"

Would just like to say what an excellent service you provide
E Murphy

"I can have a couple of puffs in bed to curb the cravings and don't have to drag myself outside to stand in the cold. Thanks a million. I've recommended you to everyone I know!"

I will recommend your products to any smoker
L Allen

"220 days since I switched to VIP, 5524 cigarettes not smoked! Thank you."

One year today
J Byfield

"Thank you VIP :) one year today that I become smoke free and started on your e-cigs and I feel lots healthier for it :) Thanks to your product its allowed me to put my financial situation back in order and I can now live life without money worries which is so much more important to me than being rich and for that I am entirely grateful. X"

Using vip for 4 months
S Evans

"Been smoking for over 30 years now using vip for 4 months, not touched a cig.... i'm patting myself on the back"

Well done VIP - it is just an amazing thing that you are doing
L Archer

"I never ever thought that I would be able to say this ( I was on 40 cigarettes a day for over 30 yrs) I am NINE WEEKS without a Cigarette."

Thank You Vip
L Robinson

"Had my first VIP a week ago, cant beleive i have stopped smoking cigarettes after 35 years of up to 40 a day ! if i can do it anyone can and food tastes wonderfull, i dont smell and neither does the house."

I am going to save so much more money
J Barrow

"Just received my VIP Ecigarette order. Very pleased with it and now ordering case to keep it in. I am going to save so much more money and it will be a lot healthier for me. Only wish I had done this a lot sooner."

Fab product! thank you VIP
E Fisher

"Coming up to 6 weeks and still going strong on my "posh fag", best thing I've ever done! Lungs feel open, more energetic ad get this...i have lost weight!!!!! not to mention the whole new wardrobe ive bought with all the money i have saved"

Thanks for such a great product
M May

"I have been using VIP catomisers for 4 weeks now and I'm so pleased with them that i keep recommending them to everyone!"

So easy to switch to the e cig that it feels like cheating!
K Kepner

"Now I don't have to think about giving up nicotine yet, but can still cut out all the worst parts of smoking. Thanks guys!"

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