The photon battery will need to be fully charged before first use.

How to activate your tank battery

  • Photon Battery is fitted with an ‘On’ and ‘Off’ mode. The battery is supplied in the off position and will need to be turned on before it can function.
  • To turn on and activate the battery, press the LED button 5 times within 2 seconds. The LED button will flash confirming that the battery is activated and ready to use. Repeating the process of pressing the LED button 5 times within 2 seconds will deactivate the battery.

How to Charge your Photon tank battery

  • Charge the battery by connecting it to the Tank USB Charger, avoid attaching it too tight or you will break your battery, insert the charger into a functioning USB Port or a compatible wall adaptor, we recommend you use the Tank USB and Adaptor supplied by VIP.
    The battery is charged when the red colour LED on the Tank USB charger changes to a constant green LED colour, the battery should be removed from the charger once the charging cycle completes or after maximum 3 hours.
  • To charge it takes approx 3 hours.
  • It will last when fully charged for approx 3-4 days, mini battery will last 1-2 days.
  • Charge it when you can as letting it discharge completely will decrease the life span.

Warning: Do not carry the battery loose in your pocket or bag, or place near magnetized objects such as keys, coins, mobile phones, e-readers, microwaves and other objects that may interfere with the chemical contents of the battery.


  • VIP recommend turning the battery off after each vaping session. The photon battery features manual activation. The led button will need to be pressed while inhaling for the battery to activate. The button should only be released after completing your inhalation.
  • We recommend storing and carrying batteries in a protective case when not in use.
  • Before charging the tank battery please check that the top part witch is connected to the charger does not have any oil residue, if so wipe it with dry with tissue prior to charging.
  • Pliers can be used to separate the battery from the charger if cannot do so by hand.

The battery comes in 3 different colours silver, black and pink.

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