The VIP E-Cig Cartomizer strength is a personal preference and will depend largely on how many cigarettes you smoke per day. New customers usually start with the strongest 24mg nicotine filter which makes it easier adapting to using the e-cigarette. Do not compare Cartomizer nicotine strength with the nicotine level on your tobacco cigarette box. Nicotine in e-cigarettes is not absorbed at the same rate or consumed in one session but over the duration of using the full Cartomizer. The following is purely a guide. It will be more difficult converting to e-cigarettes if you have chosen too low a level of nicotine.

We leave it up to the customer to decide, after all your the best person to make that decision is yourself.

How to choose the strenght that is right for you?

Cartomizer refill strength is a personal preference. We provide the following purely as a guide.

Strong 24mg (2.4% per ml) - 15+ cigarettes per day (most popular). If you find the Strong 24mg too harsh you can drop down to Regular 16mg.

Regular 16mg (1.6% per ml) - 10 to 15 cigarettes per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption.

Mild 11mg (1.1% per ml) - 10 cigarettes or less per day or trying to limit nicotine consumption. If you are using Mild Cartomizers and lack the sensation of a nicotine throat hit try switching to a higher strength of nicotine.

Zero 0mg - Nicotine-free solution. If you wish to cut out nicotine entirely.

What refill flavours are available?

VIP Cartomizer refills are available in 4 different connoisseur flavours:

  • Tobacco: USA Tobacco, Virginia Rolling and BH Gold
  • Menthol: Double Menthol

How can I get a stronger nicotine hit?

First of all, make sure that you are using the correct strength of filter. The Strong 24mg (2.4% per ml) is our most popular nicotine strength.

Taking quick puffs will be less effective and nicotine will not readily absorb. Each inhale should be slow, steady and last for a minimum of 2 seconds. Hold the vapour back for a couple of seconds before slowly exhaling. Taking a longer inhale of around 5 to 6 seconds will help deliver a stronger nicotine hit.

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