You can choose between the VIP E Cigarette or the VIP Tank Kit option when deciding on which starter pack to choose. It's a personal choice, but we can provide you with our experience to help you decide.

For the first time user and those looking to limit nicotine consumption we believe the VIP E Cig with Cartomizers is more practical. It's a simple, no nonsense electronic cigarette which requires virtually no maintenance aside from replacing refills and parts that have worn out. The VIP E Cig is very cost-effective compared to smoking and we also provide regular discount codes and daily deals for even better customer savings. We would recommend using the VIP E Cig Cartomizer model for a minimum of 2 to 3 months before considering upgrading to the Photon Tank which will give you time to adapt to vaping and have an understanding of personal usage.

All about the E-Cigarette

The Electronic cigarette or e cigarette provides a clean and comfortable alternative to smoking. There are no stale tobacco odours. Your body, home, office and car can be free of ash, cigarette butts, and tobacco smoke, thanks to this ingenious device.

In many ways the VIP E Cig looks the same as normal cigarette and functions just like a regular cigarette. The e cigarette tip glows when the smoker draws on the filter to inhale. The vapour which is inhaled offers a realistic substitute for tobacco smoke and even gives the same nicotine throat hit and taste.

You can experience the superior taste of the VIP E-cigarette range, including everything you need to get started and enjoy the experience of 'smoking' without tobacco. Our premium E Cig range starter kits comes complete with cartomizers, while all flavours are exclusively blended for VIP. Once your cartomizer is empty, all you need to do is purchase your refills, simply recharging and reusing your battery as required.

All about the Tank kits

The VIP tank model is a high-end Personal Vapouriser. This type of device is refilled with e liquid, as opposed to our regular electronic cigarette where you just screw on a pre-filled Cartomizer each time it needs replacing.

This model is designed NOT to look like a cigarette and enables users to distance themselves away from any aspect of 'smoking'. The Photon Tank range works out even cheaper than using traditional Cartomizer refills.

The Photon battery life is considerably extended with a chargelife lasting several days compared to around 2 to 3 hours with the standard VIP E Cig. However, the battery is heavier and longer than our VIP E Cig range. The powerful 1000 mAh Photon battery weighs 42g and measures 9cm in length.

The Photon Tank model is more suited to existing e cigarette users that intend to be long-term vapers.

Check out the variety of flavoured e liquids we can offer to see what tastes you'll be experiencing with a Photon e cigarette.

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