The last thing you have to do before using the clearomizer is priming it.

Why Prime?

Before First-time Use:. All clearomizers require priming to prevent the liquid from developing a burnt / bitter aftertaste. Priming is essential for clearomizer to work properly, this will eliminate bitter taste and will make the clearomizer work perfectly.

How to Prime?

  • To do this inhale on the mouthpiece of the clearomizer 4 to 5 times without pressing the activation button. This will draw up the e-liquid into the wicks.
  • Press and hold the power button on the battery, while inhaling into the mouth piece.
  • Seven three second inhales equals to one cigarette. It is important not to inhale excessively or e-liquid may over heat and burn.
  • Once you finish vaping, it is advised to switch off the battery by pressing it 5 consecutive times until it flashes three times. This will help increase the battery power.

Please note: if you are getting a strange metallic taste in your mouth when vaping, it is very likely that the clearomizer was not primed properly, according to the instruction.

Tip: Never allow the e-liquid level to drop too low to prevent damage as this could also cause a metallic taste. If you begin to get a strange metallic taste after few weeks of use, it is an indication that the coil will need to be replaced.

How often should you Prime?

Every time a coil is replaced the above process needs to be followed. Please ensure that the clearomizer is fully cooled down before attempting to refill with liquid, or removing it from the battery.

Warning: Avoid carrying in tight spaces and letting the item fall as it could cause damage.

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