• First of all remove the plastic film from the kit box.
  • Then gently pull up the upper part of the box.
  • Pull on the black loop to lift the foam, underneath you will find User Manual and the USB Charger.
  • Take your battery and carefully remove the plastic by pulling it off.Visually inspect the battery before each use or charge, if you notice any damage please do not use the product.
  • The battery should be fully charged, depending on the length of the shelf life, to check:

Switch the battery on by quickly consecutively pressing the silver button 5 times until it starts flashing. Now that the battery is switched on press and hold the silver button for 2 second:

  • WHITE light is an indicator that the battery is fully charged, YOU CAN USE THE BATTERY STRAIGHT AWAY
  • BLUE light means its half powered, REQUIRES A CHARGE
  • RED light means no power, REQUIRES AN IMMEDIATE CHARGE
  • If the battery is not fully charged you will need to charge the battery before using your Tank.

Adding e-liquid to the clearomizer

  • Unscrew the metal base, by twisting it anti- clockwise direction until it is fully separated from the plastic shaft.
  • Take a bottle of VIP E-Liquid, only approved e-liquids can be used. Please note: liquids or substances that are not specifically approved for use by the manufacturer may result in damages to hardware or cause personal injury.
  • Remove the bottle lid by slightly pressing down on the lid and turning it in anti- clockwise direction. Separate the lid from the bottle.
  • Take the plastic shaft part of the clearomizer, hold it so that the mouth piece is facing the floor.
  • Take the bottle of e-liquid in the other hand.
  • Hold the Clearomizer at a 45 degree angle, Insert the bottle nozzle inside the clearomizer, slightly press on the sides of the bottle and let the e-liquid drip down the inside wall of the clearomizer.
  • You need to be very careful not to get the e-liquid inside the central air tube.
  • Once the liquid reaches just below the central tube, stop pouring.
  • Replace the lower part of the clearomizer by placing it back on top of the plastic shaft and by screwing the metal base in clockwise direction until it cannot turn further easily.
  • Let the clearomizer stand for 10 to 15 minutes, this will ensure the e-liquid will penetrate the coil.

Tip: Make sure not to tighten the base too tight or fill the e-liquid over the stated mark.


The last thing you have to do before using the clearomizer is priming it. To do this you need to inhale on the mouthpiece 5 times, this motion draws the e-liquid into the wicks, ensuring the correct burning process of the e-liquid. Let the clearomizer stand for further 5 minutes before use.


  • Now, take the earlier prepared battery and the filled up clearomizer, screw the two together, by twisting the clearomizer in a clockwise direction onto the battery until it can’t turn easily any further. Make sure not to tighten the clearomizer too tight as it will become difficult to separate the two.
  • Press and hold the silver button on the battery for two seconds, while inhaling through the mouth piece. Seven 2 seconds inhales equals to one regular cigarette. It is important not to inhale excessively or e-liquid may overheat and burn.
  • Once you finish vaping, it is advised to switch off the battery by pressing the power button 5 consecutive times until it flashes three times. This will help increase the battery power.
  • Please note if you are getting a strange metallic taste in your mouth when vaping, it is very likely that the clearomizer was not primed properly, according to the instruction.
  • Never allow the e-liquid level to drop too low to prevent damage which also causes a metallic taste.

How to take care of your Clearomizer


  • Each of the clearomizers needs to be replaced after 10 days.
  • Every time a new clearomizer is opened it needs to be primed.
  • Please ensure that the clearomizer is fully cooled down before attempting to refill with e-liquid and/or removing it from the battery.
  • The clearomizer is a consumable product and lifespan is subject to individual usage. A 24 hour DOA warranty applies to clearomizers. Any problems need to be reported within 24 hours of receipt.
  • When not using the kit, we advise to carefully store it away inside one of our tank cases, which can be bought separately in one of our stores.
  • Alternative, you can keep your tank in a leather pouch around your neck, which would make it very convenient to use on the go and protect from damage.
  • If for any reason you are finding it difficult to separate the battery from the clearomizer, try pushing the clearomizer towards the battery, simultaneously twisting it in clockwise direction.
  • Batteries are a consumable product, the expected lifespan of a battery is around 2 – 3 months or a maximum of 150 charge cycles, depending on usage. The warranty is a 28 days. The warranty excludes defects arising from accidental damage, misuse, inadequate maintenance, improper charging or use of alternative charging adaptors, or unauthorized modifications including the use of e-liquid substances.

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