Photon Tank USB charger

The Photon Tank USB charger is used to charge the Photon Battery. All VIP Photon Tank Kits are supplied with a USB Charger but we recommend having a spare USB charger for charging multiple batteries at once.

VIP Tank Accessories Photon USB Charger


  • Screw on the battery that requires charging onto the Tank USB Charger, avoid attaching it too tight or you will break your battery.
  • Insert the charger into a functioning USB Port or a compatible wall adaptor, we recommend you use the Tank USB and Adaptor supplied by VIP
  • The battery is charged when the red colour LED on the Tank USB charger changes to a constant green LED colour, the battery should be removed from the charger once the charging cycle completes or after maximum 3 hours.
  • The USB charger should be handled carefully if its tightened to tight it will break the TANK and/or the Tank battery.

Warning: if the Tank USB charger is not separating from the Tank battery easily do not force it as it will cause damage to the charger and the battery. This happens when oil leaks from clearomizer on to the battery.


  • Before charging the tank battery please check that the top part witch is connected to the charger does not have any liquid residue, if so wipe it with dry tissue prior to charging.
  • Pliers can be used to separate the battery from the charger if cannot do so by hand.


The VIP Mains Adaptor is also known as the 3 Pin Mains Adaptor. This Adaptor is compatible with both the Photon Tank chargers and the E-Cigarette chargers due to a convenient top USB connection. However, VIP recommend you only use this adaptor with VIP products.

VIP 3 pin wall adaptor / VIP mains adaptor


Insert the USB Charger into the USB Slot of the mains adaptor then plug the adaptor into your mains.


  • Do not use the charger if damaged.
  • Do not leave the mains adaptor charging overnight or unattended while charging.
  • Never charge a battery for longer than stated.
  • Never leave a battery charging while unattended.
  • Never charge a battery with a damaged charger/adaptor.
  • Always charge the battery on a flat, non-combustible surface.
  • Always use the charger/adaptor supplied by the manufacturer.
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