The VIP Electronic Cigarette taste. Traditional smokers tend to use one particular brand of tobacco. Each brand of tobacco cigarettes has an entirely different flavour. The VIP E Cig is similar, having its own unique taste and our specialised filters are available in varied flavours.

'Smoking' the VIP E Cig is actually called vaping and the 'smoke-like' sensation is known as the throat hit. The vaporized throat hit feels much the same as a normal cigarette with an almost instant hit of nicotine. The e-cig sensation and experience is as close to smoking as possible.

Smoke from the typical tobacco cigarette contains over 4,000 chemicals, including over 50 that are known cancer-causing compounds. These include tar, carbon monoxide, as well as formaldehyde, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide and arsenic. Toxins and additives in a traditional cigarette can influence the taste. ASH accused tobacco companies of adding substances to cigarettes to increase their addictiveness. ASH also states that additives such as cocoa are used to dilate the airways allowing the smoke an easier and deeper passage into the lungs.

With the VIP E Cigarette, you only inhale a handful of ingredients.

VIP offers a range of traditional and concept flavours which gives our customers the option to step away from the taste of normal cigarettes and try something different.

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