The electronic cigarette is tobacco-free and can be used anywhere where regular smoking is banned without breaking any laws of the Smoking Ban. Nationals of other countries will need to check their local laws to see if any restrictions are imposed on electronic cigarettes.

The VIP E-Cig has been used in pubs, offices, on board planes and even in hospitals without issue. Sometimes a person may mistake your Electronic cigarette for the real thing. A quick explanation helps to educate people and spread awareness.

Using your VIP E-Cig in the workplace, including the office, factory, building site, work vehicle and taxi does not break the law or Irish Health Act as the device is not classified as 'Smoking'. The correct term for using the VIP E-Cig is 'Vaping'. However, you will need to check the Terms and Conditions of your employment. For example, if you are not allowed to consume food or drink in your work area or you operate machinery, then your employer may not approve of electronic cigarettes while working. It is advisable to ask permission first.

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