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The Photon 'tank' model is a high-end Personal Vapouriser. This type of vaping device is refilled with e liquid. This model is designed NOT to look like a cigarette and enables users to distance themselves away from any aspect of 'smoking'.

The VIP Photon range is ideal if you are a first time user of e liquid. Unlike cheap alternatives, the V5/CE5 clearomizers which feature in the Photon range below offer high performance, while delivering significant improvements on the older CE4 filter versions you'll find elsewhere. 

Active filters

Please Note if the VIP brand is not available a generic alternative will be sent.
The Skystorm AM10 offers a maximum of 10 watt output and has a variable voltage range of 3.3-5.0v powered by a 1,000...
The iStick 40W TC (Temperature Control), an innovation of iStick series battery, adopts newly introduced technical...
Bring out a unique vaping experience without any dry hits by adjusting temperature settings.
The iStick Trim is thin, elegant and compact, fitting comfortably in your hand. With only one button on the device,...
With only one button on the device, using the iStick Trim is as simple as vaping gets.
Introducing the new Vype ePen 3. Vype ePen 3 boasts a new powerful system with 650mAh battery to deliver a rich...
Smok Nord Kit  is  an easy to use kit letting you vape how you like and giving you everything you need to start...
The Aramax Vaping Pen has taken the vaping world by storm. Designed with ease of use and stylish good looks .
Also known as mouth-to-lung, the SERIES-S17 TF creates resistance on the inhale, just like a cigarette. It’s the...
Adjustable wattage: 1 – 20 watts of power.Very small, pocket-sized kit. Extremely simple to use. Kitted with the CS...
Diamond Mist Photon Bundle...
  • On sale!
All you need to begin your vaping journey.

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